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Querkle Marijuana Strain 11



A personal favorite nightcap of mine, Querkle seems to attack insomnia at its many sources. Anxiety calms, nausea dulls, and depression evaporates, leaving you in a meditative state as you gently coast into restful sleep. My budtender was surprised to hear this one was an effective sleep remedy for me, as some report uplifting effects from this strain. That being said, I’d say this strain may not be the one you rely on for forcing your brain into sleep; rather, it pre-conditions a tranquil mindset so sleep comes easier when it’s time to shut the lights out.Love this strain a couple of hours before bedtime. Very relaxing and euphoric feeling. Body sensations are heightened in a positive way and pain is greatly diminished…Eases you into a nice, deep sleep towards the end


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